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The portal GIP Maximilien :

Launched by the Île-de-France Region along side founding members, including the Paris Region counties, the GIP Maximilien is, at its origin, the portal for Paris Region public procurement contracts.

In order to meet the new needs of its members in terms of e-administration, in May 2019 the Maximilien shared public service was equipped with a new digital platform offering a wide and innovative range of these services based on the principles of interoperability, simplification and security.

Recognised as a key player in public procurement and e-administration in the Paris area, GIP Maximilien currently supports 375 public purchasers of all sizes and with very different legal status.

The Maximilien portal aims to facilitate access for companies, particularly VSE/SMEs, to public procurement in the Île-de-France region.

On a daily basis, 2,000 public procurement notices from the Ile-de-France region are available from members of the GIP Maximilien and partner platforms, supplemented by notices from the Bulletin Officiel d'Annonces des Marchés Publics (BOAMP).

Registration to the Maximilien portal is free for economic operators and provides access to various services:

  • Quick access to notices via a search engine, a basket, information sharing,
  • The creation of alerts with keywords that allows the real-time feedback of published consultations,
  • The integration of a supplier base used by public purchasers in the sourcing phase upstream of their market,
  • The provision of an electronic safe for the storage of key application documents,
  • Direct access to the specifications published on the Maximilien platform and partner platforms,
  • A co and subcontracting exchange system to encourage common responses. On each consultation published on Maximilien, the company can indicate its wish to be co or subcontractor,
  • A simplified application thanks to the Single European Market Document (SEMD) which allows you to respond to a public contract with a single SIRET number,
  • Supporting documents will be provided a posteriori, at the time of selection by the public purchaser.

As the Ile-de-France responsible purchasing network, GIP Maximilien has been appointed by the State to manage a regional mission to support the development of social clauses. It is also working to develop its actions on environmental leverage by preparing a support mission on circular purchasing.

How to create an account on the portal GIP Maximilien : 

To use Maximilien e-procurement website, you can read a presentation that explain how to create an account for your company.